In today's world it is essential not to waste time, since time is directly correlated to money. Finding your way around the streets of any large city can be time-consuming and therefore costly. The whereabouts of your fleet and their movement are knowledge, which can be the source of cost reduction and enhanced security. Navindo Group of companies are involve in various Geographic Information Systems and applications such as Digital Map, GIS applications, and GPS Tracking.

As a member of NAVINDO GROUP, PT. NAVINDO GEOSAT is the leader in providing real time GPS Tracking System and solutions in Indonesia. We were determined to bring good solutions for the Indonesian people by taking advantage of the global positioning system. a system which has been already widely used thought the world. Together with a dedicated team of GIS expert, Technical support and programmers we have built a fully functional and reliable GPS system in Indonesia.

Real Time GPS Tracking solutions from Navindo Geosat provides an economic solutions for monitoring, controlling and securing your moving assets and fleet. As we develop our own system and platform, we can provide a tailor made solutions to our customers.

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