Q: Does all GPS Tracking Companies are the same ? What is the difference?
A: While it seems true that there are other companies offering GPS Tracking services, the quality and level of Service and quality are varies from each other. The main issue is not only the hardware, but the platform, infrastructure, quality of service among others.

Q: Why there are other cheaper price provider ?
A: The difference is the quality of hardware, the platform, the processing infrastructure, the level of service we can provide. We donít compete on price, but we certainly offer the best service and quality for the money. There is no free lunch, you will get what you pay.

Q: Why sometimes there is no data ?
A: The possibility of blank spot, and no GSM area coverage in a certain location can cause the data not being able to be transmitted immediately, and also the satellite signal could be blocked in the case of the location is inside heavy forest / under large trees. These can happen and there is nothing we can do about it.

Q: How accurate is the GPS location ?
A: In general, GPS location has an accuracy of +/- 10 meters, it is all depends on the access of satellite (open sky). The more satellite being locked, then the more accurate is the position.

Q: Why Navindo Map and database is more comprehensive and accurate than others ?
A: We developed our map database since 2004, and we are the leader in the digital map of Indonesia since then. Most of the map used by all multinationals users and companies are originated from our database.

Q: How long has Navindo in the business ?
A: We have been commited in the GIS business including the GPS business since 2004, and will continue to serve our Indonesian customers for many years to come. You can rest your mind that we will still exist in the future. We are a well capitalized and professionally run organization and very committed to our business.

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